LAD's Festival Season Survival Kit


It seems like the (natural) high of last year’s music festival season just wore off, and what do you know? Festival season has already snuck up on the world again. Whether you’re heading out to Coachella in Southern California, Lollapalooza in Chicago, Bonnaroo in Tennessee, or the Firefly Music Festival in Delaware, get excited: music festivals offer special opportunities to bond with old buddies, make new friends, and enjoy amazing music.

You may be a festival virgin looking to start a tradition, a one-hit wonder, or a repeat offender—no matter where you fall on the spectrum, the better you prepare, the more you’ll enjoy the experience.

Preparing may seem antithetical to the (pseudo)hippie festival experience, but don’t worry—we’ve tried to make it as painless as possible. We put our heads together to compile a list of 7(ish) essentials.

Note: We left off the obvious (your phone, wallet, cash, and tickets)… but don’t be that guy who forgets them. We also can’t guarantee a good time—that’s on you, buddy.

Josh Rubin