How To: Travel Like A Boss


Your packing list speaks volumes about the type of lad you are; it also determines whether you’re prepared for a trip (slash life). An iPod loaded with Bob Marley’s greatest hits and a bag of gummies may get you through a long journey, but the days of throwing them into a bag with a few pairs of underwear and some clean(ish) shirts are over. Your boss status has nothing to do with your paycheck, and everything to do with your state of mind. The boss lad can tackle any challenge thrown his way because he’s prepared.

To Impress Your Single-Serving Friends

You’ve managed to snake your way through the long check-in lines and survived TSA's full cavity inspection. Or maybe you floated past the masses with TSA Pre. Either way, you need to relax, and your focus is singular: find the bar. Saddle up, enjoy a cocktail with your new best friend (aka the guy on the next barstool), and prepare to say “thank you” to the compliments headed your way: you’re wearing life/after/denim’s Dartmouth Blazer, and you’ve officially joined the elusive club of people who look good when traveling.

The Dartmouth is the perfect finish to your fall ensemble, no matter where you are on your journey: the airport bar, the meeting when you land, or dinner and drinks after. No bells, no whistles— looking good on the run shouldn't be easy, but this super soft stunner makes sure it is.

For Murphy’s Law (Your Unwelcome Travel Companion)

Travelling makes you the ultimate victim of Murphy’s Law: delays, turbulence, and detours seem inevitable. That’s why a smart lad is the MacGyver of travel. Your inflatable neck pillow sprang a leak? Some bubble gum and floss will do the trick.

Whether you’re performing emergency surgery on a pillow or darting through Grand Central Station, life/after/denim’s Champ Reversible Crew will be your utility hitter. It’s made from 100% Merino Wool, and as its name suggests— it’s reversible. You know what that means, lads: multiple wears. You’ll appreciate that when your flight out gets snowed in and you have to MacGyver your wardrobe for an extra night.

For Choppy Waters

When your travels take you to parts unknown, you've got to protect yourself from whatever Mother Nature throws your way. When s//t gets real, a boss doesn't spit in the wind, he flips up his hood. The Dockland Jacket will protect you from the elements without sacrificing style.

We’ve designed this army-inspired parka as your autumn armor. Whether you’re bracing against Chicago’s blistering winds or trying to stay dry in the Amazon, the Dockland’s got your back.

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Team LAD