How To: Graduate Your Style


It’s graduation season, and a spirit of optimism fills the air– along with a natural fear of leaving the dining hall behind. As students across the country enter an exciting new stage of life, many move forward with trepidation, wondering how to “adult”. Waking up before noon for a real job and buying wine that comes in bottles instead of bags is a big change in anyone’s life.

Unfortunately, many men forget that after they walk across the stage, their style needs to graduate, too.

After college, style standards are different. And those who don’t catch up, stand out. You know the type - they’re still wearing a tattered “Zeta Beta Tau” tank to weekend brunch, and think light-wash jeans are office-appropriate. Let’s be real– if you’re sipping an old fashioned at a hip rooftop bar but look like you’ve just left a frat house, you’re “adulting” all wrong.

So whether you’re celebrating your own graduation, or realizing years later that your wardrobe might still be stuck in your student past, here’s a helpful grading scale for achieving A+ style.


A+: A variety of classic, patterned button-down shirts. Gone are the days of having your one “nice shirt” that you wear to everything from frat parties to your cousin’s wedding. So whether you love a bold floral or a simple checked print, find a few quality favorites to wear to your next night out or the family brunch. Your mom (and everybody else) will be so impressed.

Fail: Wearing the same oversized, thrifted Hawaiian shirt to literally every social event. Stop.


A+: Quality cotton chinos. Just because your jeans are dark-wash, doesn’t mean they’re fancy. Chinos step it up a notch and are versatile enough to wear practically anywhere. And most men’s denim jeans are too hot and heavy for summertime anyway. Cotton, on the other hand, is light and breathable. Convinced? Pick your favorite pair today.

Fail: Ill-fitting, old-fashioned jeans. If they’re too baggy, too short, too tight, or just too childish– ditch ‘em.  


A+: Linen shorts. If you have yet to own a pair of linen shorts, you are missing out on one of summer’s greatest joys. Soft, light, and effortlessly classy, our Linen Maldives Shorts make the perfect adult beachwear.

Fail: Gaudy, oversized shorts that make you look like a skater kid or a frat bro. Step up your shorts game.


A+: High-quality athletic wear. Lightweight shorts like the Jogging Short makes you look like you’re coming from an adult gym, rather than a sweaty run around campus.

Fail: Oversized basketball shorts, or stained cotton sweats. Gross. You’re working out to get a hot bod– why not look good doing it?


The end of college is a crazy time, and with it comes a lot of uncertainty. But a sharp sense of style can bring a clear-cut assurance into any man’s life. So no matter where you are or where you’re going, step forward with the confidence of knowing that your wardrobe is as accomplished as you are (or will be very soon).

Team LAD