Form Meets Function: Signature Details in Our Favorite Styles


At first glance, it can be hard to tell what makes one piece of menswear higher quality than the next. But if you take a little time with your wardrobe choices, you’ll see the details you’ve been missing all along. In every single piece, our designers have carefully added touches to boost quality, practicality, and style, and make every life/after/denim piece in your closet special.


When it comes to packing for your next big trip, every square inch matters. Ever worn three jackets onto a plane just to save room in your bag? It’s... sweaty. On your next adventure, leave the bulk behind. The Packaway Jacket was designed specifically with you in mind. It’s a hooded zip-front windbreaker that’s light enough to bring anywhere. Even better? The whole jacket, made with a lightweight iridescent yarn-dyed nylon, is designed to roll up and pack away into a single discrete zip pocket with no added bulk, turning your packing experience into #travelgoals. You’re welcome.


We’ve already told you the many reasons the modern man should wear chinos. Quick recap: they’re a stylish step up from the jeans everyone at your startup is wearing. But the technical benefits of our Weekend Chinos go beyond your cool new office look. Each pair features a discreet zippered tech pocket inside the left slash pocket– and it’s big enough to fit an iPhone 7 Plus. Your move, Zuckerberg.


When you’re trying to relax under the hot summer sun, there’s one quintessential thing you’ll need to pair with your favorite pair of sunglasses: a sunglass loop. That’s right. You didn’t think it existed, but it’s right there on the breast pocket of our woven shirts and some polos, waiting to help you store your shades safely– and in style. Check out our shirts to see for yourself.


 This one’s for the dapper gents out there with an eye for design. Every single life/after/denim long-sleeve shirt features unique button placement on both sides of the placket. We call it the reverse button sleeve, because it allows you to style your sleeves in two different ways– like a straight, normal sleeve placket or twisted to show off a specially designed chambray trim (featured on select long-sleeve shirts). So go ahead– take a closer look, and get creative the next time you button up.


Some may call you lazy, but you say you’re efficient. We believe it, and that’s why we’ve included a locker loop on every life/after/denim shirt. Right on the inside of the collar above the tag, it’s used to hang your shirt on a hook. Originally designed for East Coast sailors to allow for easy changing on the ship, this is what you’ll use to skip the hanger but avoid wrinkling your shirt. Wrinkles, begone.

At life/after/denim, we pride ourselves on the details– they make all the difference. So next time you’re searching for the piece that’s right for you, look a little closer. You’ll be amazed at what you find.

Team LAD