Dressing for La Vida Chilanga in Mexico City

You were sitting at your desk last week Googling escape fantasies working very hard, when it hit you. Things you need more of in your life: #1. Tacos. #2. Mezcal. #3. Historyartcocktailsculture. #4. More tacos. You thought about Cancun. But really, another beach party? And then you realized: If Cancun is a nacho appetizer, Mexico City is a heaping plate of vibrant, authentic deliciousness. And obviously you had to go…

¡Buenos días Ciudad de México!

Or, as the chilangos call it, the D.F. (for Distrito Federal). You sip café de olla and munch sweet conchas, watching the stream of humanity flowing by your table. You wonder how everything can look both ancient and modern, European and New World, chaotic and peaceful, kitschy and elegant all at once. You abandon your travel guide and decide to just go with it.  

City of History

You start at the city’s cultural heart, the center of all these contradictions: Centro Histórico. You come up from the Metro into the expanse of the Zócalo Plaza and stand face to face with history. Here are the ruins of Tenochtitlán. And here is the ornate Metropolitan Cathedral built on those ancient foundations. You’re wearing your Dias Shirt with its modern spin on tradition. It says you respect the past, but never get stuck there. You admire Diego Rivera’s historical murals inside the Palacio Nacional, while the Aztec dancers outside whirl to their hypnotic drums.

City of Rhythm

As the sun sets, you head toward Zona Rosa where the dance party rages until dawn. You stroll down Calle Genova taking in the neon and the bright street art. You sip mezcal cocktails and let the cumbia move your feet. Under the strobe lights, your Pineapple Express Shirt makes a statement in light cotton seersucker— confident but not taking life too seriously. The bartenders don’t seem to bother with shirts at all.

Sarah Yahr Tucker