Put This In Your Mouth: The Golden State Burger

A perfectly round, brioche bun, thick patty, with arugula, Fiscalini Farms cheddar, brown sugar glazed bacon, a house-made aioli, and ketchup.

Jason Bernstein and James Starr opened The Golden State on that stretch of Fairfax before all the skate and shoe shops, but after four years, it's a magnet for the shoppers, neighborhood locals and even Guy Fieri. What everyone goes for: friendly atmosphere, great beer and the burger.

For the last two years it's topped the burger category in the Los Angeles Restaurants Survey, and with good reason. It's kind of perfect. There isn't a lot of flair and flourish with the burger - a great burger doesn't really need it - just good ground beef cooked just right, a great bun and simple toppings.

"Our burger is a pretty good representation of the place," Bernstein says. "Jim and I set out to create a restaurant that featured ingredients from California, so our chief task was to present them in such a way that their intrinsic quality would not be masked.

The burger is an excellent dish to showcase ingredient quality because each bite discloses a harmonious interaction. You have a certain number of discrete horizontal layers that, because they are consumed on a vertical axis, combine the layers with each bite."

(via Zagat)

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