Put This In Your Mouth: Rattlesnake & Rabbit Sausage

Rattlesnake & Rabbit with Jalapeño Pepper sausage accompanied by Truffle Oil Fries and a Belgian beer at Wurstküche. Whether it’s date night or dinner with the boys we suggest you throw your LAD chinos on and dine at this hip gastropub scene.

The restaurant brings in its sausages from artisanal butchers instead of making them in-house, which theoretically leads to flexibility, and the toppings are customizable only insofar as you have the choice of sautéed hot peppers, sautéed sweet peppers or sauerkraut to put with the grilled onions on top of your sandwich.

The PETA crowd can get veggie bratwursts, kielbasas or Italian links, the sausage-joint equivalent of the Landlubbers' Platter that used to be on the menu of seafood restaurants, and for the abstemious there is Dandelion & Burdock, a soft drink reputed to have first been concocted by St. Thomas Aquinas, with the anise-y herbal complexity of an obscure monastery liqueur.

There may be no more universal pleasure in the world of meat than a well-made sausage plucked straight from the fire, filmed with a bubbling mantle of grease, and thrust at you when it is still so hot that you bobble it back and forth between your hands because you are afraid of scorching your fingers.

If it has been cooked properly, the skin — natural casing, of course — crackles under your teeth before it gives way with a distinct, almost audible pop, and your mouth is flooded with torrents of burning juice, garlicky and rich, with a touch of hot spice and the sweet, carnal essence of flesh. Such a sausage demands beer. And then another sausage. And then another beer. Repeat until full.

(via LA Weekly)

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