Put This In Your Mouth: Persian Ice Cream


Who'da thunk it, but this is probably some of the creamiest, most delicious ice cream you'll ever have. Our favorites are the creamy rosewater and the fresh saffron.

Legend has it that Mashti Malone lived as a poor, old farmer who couldn’t cultivate anything but stone. Then one day, while he was sitting alone, he saw a vision from heaven full-blown – a rose chilled with ice cream in a cone. That’s how this beauty came into fruition.

Self-described as “heaven on a spoon”, Mashti Malone’s offers ice cream without preservatives, corn syrup, trans fat, or artificial flavors. That’s right­ – this is as pure as it gets. The barroom fuses the creamy thick texture of ice cream with exotic spices, flavoring, and herbs that are beneficial to your health.

The Rose Sorbet, for example, contains rice starch, a complex carbohydrate that improves the digestive system; Saffron and cardamom, which are present in all of the parlor’s ice cream flavors, are spices used as antidepressants and regulate cholesterol and hypertension.

Who knew ice cream could actually be good for you –  in moderation, of course. With that said, Mashti Malone's can be anyone’s destination for sweet, creamy goodness.

Team LAD