Put This In Your Mouth: Churros Calientes


Who doesn't love a good churro? Take your childhood favorite indulgence and stuff it with a sweet, decadent filling and drizzled with an equally scrumptious topping. Equal parts drool and sugar high-inducing

Churros Calientes is dedicated to the concept of being organic when possible and environmentally friendly. Their holistic approach to cuisine, beverages and atmosphere goes beyond the customer’s experience, transcending culinary preferences.

The bistro prides itself for using the freshest and natural ingredients. In addition to churros, the menu includes your choice of meat ranging from their breaded chicken, filet mignon, and salmon with a side of artisan bread.

On top of their healthy food repertoire, the restaurant also practices household tactics to help preserve the environment. From reducing carbon dioxide emissions through plastic limitations to reusing their cooking oils, Churros Calientes is sustaining our stomachs and the ecosystem.

Team LAD