ICYMI: Charles Manson Resurrected

Halloween is right around the corner. Why not begin to get in the spooky spirit? Here is an eerie video of never before heard phone conversations between Marlin Marynick and Charles Manson.

Charles Manson rarely communicates with the world outside of Corcoran State Prison, where he's been incarcerated since 1989. Locked away from not only regular citizens, but often other prisoners when he's in protective custody or solitary confinement, Manson's mind has become more unhinged. This was discovered when, using a smuggled cell phone, Manson reached out to Canadian author Marlin Marynick, who would later write the best-selling biography Charles Manson Now, about interviewing Manson for a film Manson had been imagining.

Still holding onto the 10 hours of phone conversations, that had become the basis for his book, Marynick was put in touch with animator Leah Shore following the 2010 Sundance Film Festival premiere of her short film Meatwaffle. The next month it was decided that Leah would make a "strange fine art/animated vision" out of Marynick's Manson recordings in an attempt to convey the man, the myth, and his madness—or as people called Manson in prison, the "old man." Marynick says, "Everyone in Manson's world ends up with a nickname."

Shore's film, also titled Old Man, is a dizzying, stream-of-consciousness exploration into, around, and through what makes Manson tick. Painstakingly edited down to five minutes, the short crunches as many thoughts together as it does animated mediums: from clay, colored pencil, ink, paint, digital, and more.

When you're listening to someone so steeped in myth and legend, it's hard to parse what he really believes and what you believe he believes. And so when Manson unexpectedly gets up and walks away, you're left staring at your screen wondering what the hell just happened.

(via Vice)

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