ICYMI: An Aerial Exploration of LA


Aerial videographer Ian Wood has created a cinematic short exploring all Los Angeles has to offer by way of architecture, street art, and natural beauty.

With the controversy surrounding drones lately, it's refreshing to witness a drone video that is both thoughtfully produced and beautifully shot. The stunning city-wide video montage—simply titled Los Angeles—features aerial views of many of L.A.'s most iconic locations, shot from angles that we don't often get to see while stuck in traffic or walking around. From the Hollywood sign to the oil derricks of Baldwin Hills, the murals of Mariachi plaza to the waves crashing beneath the Santa Monica pier, the 6-minute video manages to gracefully cover over 100 locations.

Wood's Los Angeles short serves as a beautiful love letter to the city, and Wood even provides an appropriately stirring soundtrack, courtesy of BLu ACiD’s electro-blues adaptation of "If You Ain't Never Had The Blues" by Boo Boo Davis.

Both the video and the music make for great Friday afternoon viewing, so turn up your speakers, switch to fullscreen and enjoy the journey across L.A. Link to the video here.

(via Vimeo)

Team LAD