Good Tunes Tuesday: Unknown Mortal Orchestra's Multi-Love


Unknown Mortal Orchestra is an American/New Zealand rock band composed of guitarist/songwriter Ruban Nielson, keyboardist Quincy McCrary, bassist Jake Portrait, and drummer Riley Geare. The band released their first (self-titled) album in 2011, and since, released two albums called ‘II’ and ‘Multi-Love.’

Nielson mixed, engineered, and produced the entirety of their new album, “Multi-Love,” which recently released in February 2015. He has stated that the album and the lead single were inspired by a three-way romantic relationship between himself, his wife and another woman.

He was quoted as saying, “I wanted to start living a more subversive dream. No more hospitals and other strange beds, No more hanging out with my kids with a leaking nose. I wanted to put danger aside and focus on love. A new kind of futuristic multi-love. Not some hippie bullsh*t, but a hard-edged, cynical, and sharp kind of love. Got to keep it hard-edged or it becomes invalidated.”

Though this album’s primary inspiration derives from Nielson’s year-long polyamorous relationship and the insomnia-spurred midnight recording sessions in his basement, in many ways he wrote this album to express his grappling emotions toward his current life situation.

The single, “Multi-Love,” is just so cool and catchy that you can't help but sit back and smile while listening. Check this, and the rest of our GTT tracks out on our official Spotify playlist.

Team LAD