Good Tunes Tuesday: My Morning Jacket – Compound Fracture


My Morning Jacket really just gets better every year. We were fans from the start and our obsession has surely grown with the release of their new album "Waterfall".

Once noted for their space-rock jams, Kentucky five-piece My Morning Jacket have branched out in recent years, embracing 1980s funk and AOR to the chagrin of many longtime fans. The Waterfall, the first of two MMJ albums scheduled for release in the next 12 months or so, contains traces of their old expansive sound, though elastic soul and soft rock dominate.

The first few tracks, particularly the Prince-like Compound Fracture, are endearingly spacious and snake-hipped, but The Waterfall’s lackluster second half indicates they’ve lost touch with the band they once were.

The Waterfall is the band's first release in four years and its seventh studio record in about 15 years, so in a sense there's the sense of return in it. But in the audience Thursday night, there was hardly any reminiscing over the past or talk of longing for previous jams. Instead, there was full focus on this new batch of songs and often a waiting after each one for some explanation for further understanding of what was taking place in that very moment.

Take a listen to our favorite new tracks on LAD's official Spotify playlist.

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