Good Tunes Tuesday: Lana Del Rey – High By The Beach


When Lana breathlessly delivers her syncopated hook, just a hair behind the beat, lazy, revenge- and smoke-filled summer days never sounded so sweet.

Lana Del Rey returns to familiar territory on her new song "High By The Beach," the second single lifted off her upcoming album Honeymoon. Possessing the theatrics Lana has been become sonically known for, High By The Beach proves that Del Rey hasn’t abandoned her core sound, but instead reinvents it on this edgy track.

Lana – real name Elizabeth Grant – released her debut album Born To Die in 2012. Since, the New Yorker has gained a vast and international following with the release; going on to sell over five million copies worldwide. 2014 saw the emergence of sophomore effort Ultraviolence; and with it, a whole new sound. Trading in heavy hitting production and the flirtatious upbeat rap styles for the introduction of a more somber, broody vibe, UV was a significant change.

Whatever style of hers you prefer, we believe the sultry siren can do no wrong. Refreshingly different to anything in the current musical climate, all Lana’s songs excel in creativity. 

Listen to the track on our Spotify playlist.

Team LAD