Good Tunes Tuesday: Gardens & Villa – Fixations

We’re fixated on this indie rock band from Santa Barbara, CA. If you are looking for a feel good vibe check out this song.

Gardens & Villa began as a three-piece featuring Chris LynchAdam Rasmussen and Levi Hayden in 2008. All three had previously been involved in music since their days in college. On forming Gardens & Villa, Rasmussen explained that "one of our members wanted to take a break from our punk band (...) and when we reformed we wanted to focus more on songs “.

A stylistic experiment followed where the band explored folk and electronic influences and recorded a five-track demo. While beginning to attract a local following the band self-financed a tour. Hayden recalls that "it was a huge step forward to play out of Santa Barbara for the first time and from there we knew the sort of direction we wanted to go in". After the tour the members "decided that we were actually gonna have to do this". Shane McKilop joined them on bass in the summer of 2010, just before recording their self-titled album.

The band traveled to Oregon to work with producer Richard Swift in 2010 on their first album. While working together, they created several songs including "Black Hills" and "Orange Blossom." In 2011, Gardens & Villa signed to Secretly Canadian. The group spent much of 2011 touring, recording, and releasing music videos, including a video for "Black Hills" and "Star Fire Power." The band released their debut, self-titled album, Gardens & Villa, on July 5th, 2011.

Check out their latest tune, "Fixations," on our Spotify playlist.

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