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"Providing a new perspective on storytelling, quality and creativity by creating the most influential Menswear Illustrations in the world to elevate Menswear Fashion around the world."

A picture is worth a thousand words – but for this blog, paintings may have a bit more depth. Combining the world of art and fashion, features look books the latest threads, accessories, and models all portrayed through watercolor.  The creator of Sunflowerman – known as Sunflowermatt – curated the idea when he moved to Atlanta in 2010. He felt that millennials were warped around their smartphones and tablets, and wanted to move the audience from a digital to physical interaction with fashion.

From the looks of it, Sunflowermatt may have struck gold with his innovative platform. From private commissions, doodles, sketches, and writings, his work has been showcased in editorials for Gentlemen’s Quarterly, iW Magazine, Perry Ellis, and more.

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