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The intricate and almost whimsical carpentry and art of Jay Nelson. From the treehouse of your dreams to wooden structures that you couldn't even dream of.

Jay Nelson is basically unstoppable. He doesn't let chained fences or conventional design methods get in his way and he makes art that consistently surprises us. He says art is the first thing he was really good at, and working with his hands was always something he wanted to do. Nelson started shaping boards in high school and then transitioned to shaping camper vehicles, treehouses and other artistic but useful pieces of beauty.

"There is something really optimistic about the simplicity of less stuff and only having what you need."

He loves to work without a blueprint literally starting with one plank of wood in his hand: "You work around the tree, so it grows like that. Building a tree house is like taking a photo or making a painting. The way you orient everything, such as where you put the windows, you are directing people's vision, their experiences - that's a very exciting thing."

(via Korduroy)

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