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Life is but a dream in the world of Evan Schell. From adventures in vintage campers to the most classic of surf shots, he has us dreaming of summer all year long.

Evan Schell is a freelance videographer and photographer based in San Diego, California. Evan has a degree in Environmental Studies and Film & Digital Media from UC Santa Cruz, where he worked on film projects that incorporated both fields of study. Evan has worked on film projects for Aloha Beach Club, Shoots USA, Island Fin Design, Stay Wild Magazine, Quartyard, San Diego State University, What Youth, and Rob Machado Foundation.

His photography has also been featured in Stay Wild Magazine, and has been incorporated into social media content by brands including, Matuse Inc., Raynor Surfboards, Island Fin Design, Richer Poorer Socks, Aloha Beach Club, Vuori Clothing, and Shoots USA.

His video work has also been featured online by Stab Magazine, Surfer Magazine, Monster Children, What Youth, Tracks Magazine, Surfing Life, RVCA,, and The Inertia.

Quite a substantial resume, if you ask us. You'll find that his years of experience proves itself through the fine quality of his photography.

Team LAD