Weekend Guide to spring/after/denim


You’ve designed your home base to be a shelter from the storm, and you might’ve done too good a job— because after the work drama of the last five days, it’s tempting to nestle up there all weekend. But you’ll be way happier on Monday if you have some water cooler stories to show for your days off. Enjoy the season before the Summer inferno has you huddling in front of the air conditioner. For the next two days, take some advice from Nas, and remember that “the world is yours.” Now go take it.

As you plan your spring weekend break-out, make sure your shorts game speaks to the stylish lad you are, and not that never nude at the BBQ rocking jorts. Without further ado, we present the Weekend Guide to spring/after/denim.

Go to a Comedy Event

Sometimes the best way to forget about your week is to spend a night laughing. But what if you could spend an entire weekend doing that? You don’t have to dream anymore— just find the closest comedy festival and get going. You may not see pics of these all over your IG feed, but they are definitely out there ready to make your cheeks hurt.

Bonus: with live comedy even trainwreck sets have entertainment value. Don’t forget to pack your Zuma Shorts; they’re the perfect peached cotton pair to keep your legs cool when the room heats up with LOLs.

Team LAD