Bringing Back That Spring Break Feeling


It feels like yesterday and decades ago at the same time… the days when March’s madness was interrupted by the blissful reprieve of spring break. Remember that epic bull ride in Cabo? Remember the days spent lounging poolside, your tongue wagging at every passing babe? Remember closing out the day with a keg stand and a public make-out sesh? Ah, you can almost smell the beer, sex, and suntan lotion.

Planning it got you through the coldest of winters, and reliving it with your friends got you through finals. Now you’re the bull, and your boss is riding you for those TPS reports. Even if your work outlook is better than that (and lordy, let’s hope it is), the days of spring bliss are stuck in your college rear-view. Or are they?

Why not use the weekend to reverse the clock and kick it like you’re still a co-ed— to bring back the un-adult-erated joy that spring break used to afford. We’ve put together a few ideas to help on your quest for that spring break feeling.

Scavenger Hunt

Spring break was filled with nights that quickly derailed after a few drinks— the nights legends are made of. While those crazy, impromptu adventures are best left in the Caribbean, adult scavenger hunts can lead to some legends of their own… even for the grumpiest of skeptics.

Whether DIY or professional operations (seriously just Google your city+scavenger hunt), scavenger hunts are a great way to unlock hidden gems in your city and make new friends along the way. You may not remember who won at the end of the night, but who cares? The gems — stories and people — you’re sure to stumble across are far more important. Should your scavenger adventure into the night (or early morning), throw on your Cortez Hoodie to stay warm (that kangaroo pocket is a perfect spot to tuck away your list).

JournalTeam LAD