10 Essentials for a Baller Beach Day


Summer is here, and the beach is calling. Don’t be the dude who arrives empty-handed and has to mooch off of everyone else. For a great time, a little preparation goes a long way. As the old adage goes, don’t bring sand to the beach. Here’s what you should bring:

1) A Banging Playlist.

Don’t leave your personal soundtrack up to an algorithm (come at me Spotify and Pandora). Cue up your favorites. For best results, have a few mixes ready to go for different moods — a mix of throwback party anthems, a mix to you chill out, and, of course, a mix to pump you up. If you don’t have time to be messing with mixes, have a new album ready. Logic’s Bobby Tarantino II is a lyrical masterpiece from top to bottom that’ll keep your head boppin’ for the full 44 minute runtime (special nod to his collaboration with Marshmello, “Everyday”).

2) The Beach Brew.

The ideal beach beer is a refreshing cool-down from the unrelenting sun. Again, check with your local beach for rules and regulations on bottles and alcoholic beverages, and be prepared to conceal your drink in a thermos. Pro-tip: Steer clear of the artificial flavor overloads that major brewers throw in their seasonal beers — the sugar/alcohol/sun combo can bring on a headache. Btw, pack a bottle of Excedrin and don’t sleep on #3…

3) H2O.

No matter how you slice it, roasting in the sun for hours will dehydrate you. Be sure to replenish your fluids, and no, alcohol doesn’t count. Bring a liter of water… and make sure you finish it. Don’t worry — when nature calls, all you’ll have to do is run into the ocean.

4) A Portable Grill.

Nothing tastes like summer like chargrilled meat. A portable/camping grill will make you the master of your domain. Check with the beach or state website to make sure your beach is kosher with a grilland then pack your cooler with a selection of meats and veggies.

5) Confidence.

Whether you have the washboard abs of an Adonis or a dad-bod that’s a few doughnuts past coolatta, walk with confidence knowing that no one does you better than you. And if you want a little less love in your handles, the beach is a perfect spot to babe watch as you get in a quality run.

6) The Perfect Pair of Board Shorts.

Your style shouldn’t slip when you’re ready to take a dip; don’t show up to this year’s beach day in last year’s board shorts. Try our Otomi Board Shorts — available in olive and blue agave, they feature tropical original artwork that will make you stand out in the sun. Seeking a more subdued look? The Totem Board Short will help you blend into the sand like the beach god you are.

7) A Ball or Frisbee.

You can’t be a true baller without a ball; so pack your favorite one, squad-up, and get your blood and endorphins flowing. Whether you’re running a game of 11-on-11 football or just playing catch with a buddy, you go to the beach to move, not to sit still (after all, you’ve been doing that all week).

And finally, don’t forget this trio. No explanation needed:

8) A Towel

9) Suntan Lotion

10) Sunglasses

As Ferris Bueller once said, “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you might miss it.” Now stop “liking” your friends’ beach memories and go make some of your own.

JournalTeam LAD